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Free Workshop: Create Digital Music Marketing That Works [Spotlight]

Viberate Marketing



Viberate, the leading music analytics platform, joins forces with industry veteran Jay Gilbert, who has created successful marketing plans for Nirvana, The Police, and Guns ‘N Roses, among others, to teach labels and artistshow to use music data for profitable digital strategies.

Theexclusive workshop will be hosted online on Wednesday, December 8th at 12:00 PM EST / 06:00 PM CET and aims to showcase how major labels and top artists use music analytics to create promotional campaigns and measure their effectiveness, and how anyone else can learn that as well.The session is free of charge, but limited to 500 people.

Aside from Label Logic founder Gilbert,the webinar will be hosted by Miha Vidmajer, experienced digital product manager at Viberate.

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“Using data in marketing is essential,” explains Gilbert in a statement. “It tells us how our campaigns are going in real-time, and how well they are resonating, making them more flexible and cost-effective than ever. I’m happy to see analytics being adopted industry-wide, as this means better promotions for all.”

Other webinars with prominent guests will follow in December, covering topics such as using data in day-to-day label activities, getting on Spotify playlists, and using big data to grow streaming and radio numbers.

Grab your spot in the upcoming webinar HERE.

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