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How To Roll A Blunt: A Step-By-Step Guide For The Perfect Hand-Rolled Blunt

Blunts taste good

A smoker tokes up on the perfect blunt and you’ll be doing the same by the end of this article.

No doubt blunts are fantastic. But if you have never rolled one, it may not look very easy. Do not worry, my lovely fellow stoners, because this guide will teach you everything you need to know about blunts – including how to roll them in just six steps. So get your rolling fingers ready, and let’s get started!

Many regular cannabis users enjoy smoking blunts. There are several reasons for this; blunts can hold more weed, burn more evenly and slowly, and look great! However, rolling one can be pretty daunting if you have never smoked a blunt before. It is different than preparing a joint or spliff.

No need to stress! With some time and practice, plus our guide to rolling a classic blunt, you’ll be an expert in no time.

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Is Rolling A Blunt Hard?

Alright, I won’t sugarcoat it…

Because blunts are larger and use tobacco leaf wrappers, they can be more difficult to roll than regular joints or pipe bowls. Be careful when rolling blunts because the wrappers can be dry and fragile. Also, since there’s no glue on the wrapper like on a joint paper, getting one of these rolled tightly will take more saliva and skill.

So overall, blunts can be tricky to roll, but once you master the art of rolling the perfect blunt (as we will cover in this article), you will be set for life. So let’s move on to the essential part of this piece…

What You Need To Roll A Blunt

I won’t lie; rolling a blunt is probably one of the most labor-intensive ways to smoke pot. If you’re planning to roll one, you will need a few things first. So let’s talk about the essentials every pot smoker should have when rolling up a blunt.


How Long Does Weed Stay Good

This one may seem obvious, but you will need weed, cannabis, pot, or whatever you want. You need the goods.

What matters here the most is the strain that you’re smoking. Because blunts burn through a fair amount of flower in a single smoking session, the positives and the negative of the strain-of-choice will be heightened. Every stoner has their preferred strain they love when smoking and rolling blunts, so I encourage you to do your research and find which one you love when you’re ready to roll up a blunt.

We’ll dive a bit more into quantity later, but know that you’ll want to roll up around one to two grams of cannabis into a blunt. You can pack the blunt with more, but one or two grams is a solid estimate for the smallest amount you will need.

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Lift Grinder

Michael Robinson

Blunts must be packed tight if you want the draw to be even and slow-burning. The best way to ensure that this happens is to thoroughly grind the nugs and flowers before the blunt is rolled or packed.

Grinders are your best friend when breaking down the cannabis nugs into the light shake that is used for packing blunts. Whole articles have been written about which grinder is the best for you and which ones you should purchase, so for now, just know that you’ll need one if you want to pack a blunt. Picking flowers apart with your fingers simply will not do the trick here.

Rolling Papers

Zig Zag papers

Zig Zag

You cannot roll a blunt without some rolling paper. Whether it’s a specific blunt wrap, joint papers, or generic rolling papers, you will need something to roll the cannabis in. Blunt wraps and papers are different than regular joint wraps or the papers you would use to do a hand-rolled cigarette, so be mindful of what you are getting at the store. 

You can also purchase cigars or swishers at your convenient local store and hollow them out to be used as rolling paper too!

A Knife

Technically you don’t need a knife; you just need something sharp enough to cut paper and help to shape the blunt. While knives are the best tool for the job, anything with a sharp edge will do. Be careful here and ensure the blade is sharp enough to do the trick. The last thing you want is for the blunt blade to rip and tear the papers that you need flush and finely-edged.

A Rolling Tray

Making a blunt can be messy, especially if using a cigar wrap. You’ll likely need to remove the contents of the cigar and deal with loose ground weed. 

A rolling tray can help make the process easier by providing a flat surface to roll on. Although it’s not necessary, it’s undoubtedly helpful to have one. If you don’t want your weed to go to waste, be careful not to drop it on the floor while rolling. The less time you spend cleaning up, the more time you can enjoy your blunt.


Whether it’s a lighter, match, wick, or anything else you choose to get the blunt started, you will need a heat source. Because flames aren’t only used to get the blunt lit and the smoke session started; they are also required to help seal the blunt wrap once it’s packed.

How To Roll A Blunt

eighth of weed

Now let’s dive into the fun part and start unpacking, step by step, how to roll a premium quality blunt that will make your friends envious and you the life of the party.

1 – Grind the Flower

The best-rolled blunt starts with the prep work, making this first step one of the most important ones of the whole process. Getting your weed ready ahead of time makes the entire procedure much easier. Having your weed already ground eliminates the need to stop what you’re doing to grind it.

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A grinder will give you a more even grind and keep your fingers clean. Grinders also preserve trichomes, which can fall off if you break up your buds by hand. You can find many different grinders at manageable price points if cost is an issue.

To prepare weed for your blunt, place 1 to 2 grams (or more, as we will discuss shortly) of your chosen strain in your grinder. Seal the lid and give it a few good twists. You don’t want to grind your nugs into oblivion, but you do want the pieces small that pack nicely and snuggly to ensure a nice, tight blunt.

2 – Prepare Your Blunt Wraps

It’s time to get your blunt wraps ready once your cannabis is nicely ground up. If you’re starting from scratch with a blank paper or taking a cigar (or cigarillo), you’ll need a knife (or another sharp object) to empty its contents. Be careful not to tear the wrap while breaking the cigar down by hand.

A knife makes things faster and easier. Once it’s open, empty the tobacco inside.

As a new blunt roller, don’t be scared to try out a few different styles of wraps to find the one you dig the most.

3 – Wet The Blunt Wrap

To make your blunt wrap more pliable and easier to manipulate, moisten it slightly. You have a couple of options here. One is to use your saliva. While it might sound weird, some people lick the wrap, and it works well. Another option would be to get a small bit of water to dampen the wrap with your finger.

One crucial element to remember is no matter what technique you use: don’t make the wrap too wet. Too much water will make it challenging to work with and could cause it to break or deteriorate. If you attempt to smoke a blunt that is rolled with a too-moist wrap, it will „run“ or burn unevenly. You want to avoid these problems.

You only want to dampen the blunt wraps to be more workable. Learning how to roll a blunt only comes after you can correctly wet the blunt wraps.

4 – Fill the Weed Blunt

A rolling tray will be handy here. Hold the wrapper in your dominant hand and use your fingers to create a slight furrow. I use my non-dominant hand to work with my weed more easily.

Then, start to fill it slowly and carefully. Get a small amount of weed at a time and put it along the length of the wrap. Remember to pay attention to how much you use. While you want it complete, you don’t want to put too much in. You’ll still need to be able to roll the wrap back up and seal the blunt after this step though.

5 – Roll The Blunt

Gently move the wrapper up and down between your fingers to spread the weed out evenly. You don’t want a blunt with uneven distribution and weak spots.

To make sure your blunt wrap is an even thickness:

  1. Hold one side of the wrapper and bring it over your weed.
  2. Tuck it under the other side before sealing it with either spit or classic water.
  3. If you’re using your own spit, lick the inside of the blunt wrap and press it firmly down.

Or you could try dipping your finger in water and running it inside the wrap before pressing down. This will ensure the wrapper sticks to itself and securely encases your weed.

6 – Toke Up!

Now that you have completed the steps on how to roll a blunt, it is time for the final and most enjoyable step-lighting and smoking your blunt. However, before you light it, you will want to „bake“ it first. Spark up your lighter and run the flame along the seam of the blunt. This will ensure that your blunt burns evenly.

Now that you’ve rolled your blunt light, the end of it. Draw smoke in through the other end, inhale, and enjoy! You’re now a pro blunt roller!

How much weed should you put in a blunt?

1:8th of weed

This one can be tricky to answer because everyone’s tolerance and drive to get stoned will be different. But generally speaking, here are a few rules of thumb that I tend to roll up by.

If you’re looking for a real party blunt, roll up an eighth of cannabis. This is quite the commitment and best done before the party is started. Though I will admit sitting around a table with a handful of friends watching as one person crafts the perfect party blunt can be a fantastic time.

But if you’re not at a party, I wouldn’t use nearly this much as phat blunts like this can use up a ton of weed and lead to incredibly harsh hits that lack the flavor and nuance of smaller blunts.

So for a casual smoking session, I would recommend those mentioned above, one or two ounces per blunt. Naturally, if your tolerance is a bit higher, you could go as big as four ounces or more, but any more than that will only detract from the smoothness of the hits and waste more weed.

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Tips For Rolling Better Blunts

There’s nothing quite like smoking a blunt with your closest friends. But do you ever wonder how people have gotten so good at rolling blunts? It’s not as difficult as it may seem. As long as you keep these easy tips in mind, you’ll be able to roll a blunt perfectly every time:

Pick quality papers.

This one is easy. Invest in quality rolling papers for your blunt wrap. Flimsy papers break, tear, and rip (and always at the worst time). But quality blunt wraps are thick and durable, which helps with a smoother draw and makes it easier to pack tightly and perfectly.

Plus, some of my favorite blunt wraps are flavored and add interesting notes to the smoking sessions! While I wouldn’t say I like using flavored blunt wraps every time, they offer a nice change of pace once in a while.

If the blunt wrap gets too wet…

If you get your blunt wraps wet, don’t worry, you may still be able to salvage them. You could always try drying them out carefully using the flame of that handy lighter that I’m sure you have. Just make sure you don’t go too crazy here, as you could burn the blunt wraps, and then you’ll have to start over! And the smoke circle won’t take kindly to that, I am sure.

Check What’s In the Wraps

Blunt paper used to contain tobacco commonly, but now that dispensaries are selling premium-quality wraps, you don’t have to inhale tobacco if you’re looking to smoke the blunts. While tobacco blunt wraps rarely have enough of the substance to get truly addicted, some people react poorly to it or don’t want to be anywhere near it.

So check the chemical composition of your blunt wraps to ensure you know what is in them.

Go paperless

While this isn’t for everyone, ew technology and smoking devices have made for glass blunts, making packing, cleaning, and smoking easier and smoother. If you’re new to the world of glass blunts, we wrote an entire article that breaks down every single thing you would ever want now about glass blunts. So check that out here.

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