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Pioneer DJ Adds Cloud Djing To CDJ-3000 Through rekordbox CloudDirectPlay

rekordbox CloudDirectPlay

rekordbox CloudDirectPlay

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ has added cloud DJing to their CDJ-3000 multi player. As part of rekordbox, CloudDirectPlay allows DJs to connect up to six CDJs to the internet with the same hub used to link devices. Meaning, you can play music directly from the cloud on the CDJ-3000.

The devices don’t have WiFi natively, so there may be some trepidation to rely on an outside connection. This feature is only available through the Creative or Professional rekordbox plan.

There are a few steps before you can fire this up. You will use your USB to authenticate your Dropbox account and access tracks. In advance, you will export an authentication key from rekordbox to a USB storage device which, when plugged in to the CDJ-3000, enables you to log in to your latest rekordbox library directly from the player. If another USB is added to a 3000 with CloudDirectPlay, then those tracks will be accessible across the CDJ 3000s on the network.

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Any metadata you edit on the CDJ-3000 – or in the PC/Mac/iOS/Android versions of rekordbox – will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, so the changes go across devices.

CloudDirectPlay is available as a free firmware update now, but the Creative or Professional plans will be needed and start at $15 per month. See the tutorial on how to use this below.

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