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Review: Jubilee Embraces Sonic Diversity On New Album ‚Call For Location‘

Jubilee has released her new album ‚Call For Location‘ via Mixpak.



Squid Stills

Jubilee has released her new album Call For Location. The album is a mishmash of various genres and influences that swirl around her work as a DJ and producer.

The album starts slowly with the intro “WAY,” before getting into the sensual and crisp dancehall record “Mami” featuring Maluca, where we can really feel her Miami roots and the female sexual freedom that is growing in the genre. That same feeling is found on “Fulla Curve,” an important tribute to curvy women out there.

Then the album descends into breakbeat-influenced techno that can a bit abrupt, but it works in the greater context of the album.

She then switches it up once again on the grime number “Shots.” The beat fits the rapper P Money, who uses word play in the hook based around different meanings of shots when put into different contexts.

The album then gets back into the pure electronic production on the gritty acid number “Liquid Liner” that drips with 303s and late night warehouse vibes. „Disconnected” keeps you in that same warehouse with heavily reverbed synths from the 90s, some deep and distorted bass lines and beats that constantly evolve from house to jungle

The album finishes on “Let Go,” which feels like the synthesis of all of the electronic elements on the album, combining breakbeats, airy synths and big drums into one record that is the longest on the album and helps glue it all together.

Call For Location is a nod at the secret parties where you have to call a number to get the location of the event right before it happens. This album feels much more organized then that, but it also has a smattering array of influences that toss you around from one sound to the next. It can be easy to get a little lost at times, but the album still manages to be held together quite well. This is meant for the club, where everyone and every genre is accepted. This is a call to the wild for everyone to get on the dancefloor.

Pick up your copy here.

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