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Toolroom Academy’s INFINITE: „One“ Knob To Rule Them All


In a world where you need all of it now, Toolroom’s team delivered.

Toolroom Academy, founded by Mark Knight, has launched its first plugin, and it is sent from above.

Welcome Toolroom Academy’s INFINITE. A simple, yet complex, music production one-knob plug-in that holds it weight and comes bundled with 40 presets.

The Academy is dropping an all-in-one-plug-in, giving you a one stop shop for all your audio effects needs – INFINITE

Let’s get this straight, INFINITE is anything but a one-trick pony.

They have upped the ante with the capabilities and options. Truly giving you endless possibilities. Each preset bank has multiple options that can be controlled as simple or complex as you want.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.11.14 AM

This team’s first audio plugin leveled up the game with features that allows you to access to all the small parameters that you have total control over.

Filter sweeps, washouts, white noise, adding stereo width the list goes on and on.

Automate the dry/wet to give your track some world-class extras and create amazing textures within your track.

Why Would INFINITE Benefit you?

When making music we all have our favorite blend of seasonings that complement the track. And now you’ll have to look no further. The Academy pulled it all out of their bag on this one.

Name any type of modulation, INFINITE has it (reverb and delay included) without time-consuming automation adjustments. The end result is some serious powerful transitions and delay.

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.12.46 AM

Risers, Downers, Sound Shapers, and FX Shot Inserts are the name of the game with this beast.

Stereo width, white noise, resonance, formant shaping, and gain control complete this package.

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Adding a little background crackle with some white noise. Stretching those pads way out wide. Get that kick to cut through the mix. All of that is possible.

My Favorite Presets And Studio Workflows

This plugin’s functionality shines through its 40 world-class presets that are designed for producers at all levels.

Here are some of my favorite multi-effect presets that I found while playing around with this plugin…

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 4.13.21 AM

Complex Transitions:

New York-I combined with pitch modulation while increasing the dry/wet made the band passed filter increase while also increase the percentage of distortion, spatial effects, and white noise.


Liftoff- which distorts the sound while adding a little ear candy using resonance and white noise to create an alien like sound


6AM- combines filter modulation, distortion, resonance modulation with mild white noise.

Sound Shapers:

Pad Helper: Increases resonance while modulating the LFO to increase intensity in a pad.

FX Shots:

Complex Sonar- Where I played a short note of a lead increase the one knob to modulate it about 15% to trap the note in an amazing feedback loop that I used to layer in a transition

Simple Kilimanjaro- I ran a similar short note from a lead where the sound was high-passed while the white noise, resonance, reverb, and delay was increased at various values

All in all, this is a powerful plugin that can you anyone modulating and automating your little hearts away because this is a game-changer for everyone in music. 

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